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2001: A Space Travesty (2000)

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Synopsis: Leslie Nielsen once again plays a bumbling detective in the vein of the ‘Naked Gun’ movies, but this time as Marshall Richard ‘Dick’ Dix. When odd reports are received through official channels stating that the President of the United States is being held captive on a secret international moon base called Vegan and that he has been replaced on Earth by a clone, the US Marshall Service immediately sends their ‘best’ man, Dix, on the mission. Dix travels to Vegan to rescue the president, but is quickly duped and ends up returning to Earth where he installs the clone-president and removes the real one. The bumbling Dix must then find a way to restore the real president before aliens take over the Earth, and restore in himself a belief in truth, justice and the American way.
Director: Allan A. Goldstein
Writers: Vince Di Clemente, Alan Shearman
Stars: Leslie Nielsen, Ophélie Winter, Ezio Greggio
Sources: IMDB, Wikipedia