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Au plus près du paradis (2002)

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Synopsis: People and life can be cruel, and in their face, Fannette is cool: toward an old acquaintance, to her daughter, to colleagues. Beneath the surface, she roils with passion for a lost love, Philippe. She watches “An Affair to Remember” again and again, and when she receives a letter from Philippe asking her to meet him atop the Empire State Building, she swoons. She’s writing a book on an aged painter, so she organizes a trip to New York ostensibly to secure photographs of some of his pieces. The publisher assigns her a photographer, Matt, on the surface spontaneous and flip, but also aggressive about his attraction to her. Will she be with the one she loves?
Director: Tonie Marshall
Writers: Tonie Marshall, Anne-Louise Trividic
Stars: Catherine Deneuve, William Hurt, Bernard Le Coq
Sources: IMDB, Wikipedia