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Model Behavior (2000)

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Synopsis: Opens with Alex at a party where she and her friend Sharon discuss Alex wanting to go to a ball with Eric Singer. When Alex tries to talk to him he tells her to move out of the way and is laughed at by some girls at the party. She gets home to her angry father who wants her to go into business and says she needs to go to sleep to get good grades so she can get into Harvard. She goes into her room and looks at a fashion magazine and wishes she could be a model. Next scene shows Janine ordering Chinese whose mother comes in and orders her something healthier. Her mother then announces that she is going away for a couple weeks and Janine is thrilled. Janine goes into her room and sees herself on TV.
Director: Mark Rosman
Writers: David Kukoff, Matt Roshkow
Stars: Maggie Lawson, Jim Abele, Daniel Clark
Sources: IMDB, Wikipedia