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Arachnicide (2016)

Watch Arachnicide (2016) full movie

Watch Arachnicide (2016) full movie online.
Synopsis: After years of experimenting, a researcher succeeds in creating an incubator that accelerates plant and animal growth. The technology is controlled by a powerful criminal organisation and is being used to accelerate the growth of plants needed for manufacturing of illegal drugs and narcotics. To destroy the laboratories they operate, the United Nations organises an elite team of operatives known as the L9 Commandos.

The L9 Commandos are a task force composed of six of the best soldiers from different Special Forces Units. After successfully taking down the drug operation, the L9 Commandos are called on for an important mission in Albania. There, they discover that the incubator has created a group of colossal spiders.
Directed By:Paolo Bertola
Written By:Paolo Bertola
Country: Italia
Language: English
Stars: Gino Barzacchi, Gabriel Cash, Riccardo Serventi, Longhi
Crisula Stafida
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